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Japanese Elementary Schools redefine M.I.L.F.s

I go to school early, I stay late and I return for PTA meetings. Why? Because mothers of Japanese Elementary Schools students are fucking hot and the effort is well-rewarded (well, not as well as it could be).

Many of these women got married maybe 1 or 2 years after high school and started having kids not too long after that. This results in a large number of mothers having elementary school-aged kids before they turn 30.

I wouldn’t wish that situation on any of my friends but I’ve come to appreciate it here.

Each morning is like a fashion show. They come dressed-to-impress in decked out vans and wagons. Truth be told, I don’t understand why they go all-out just to drop their kids off at shogakko, but I like to believe it’s because they know I’m looking.

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