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Some other great posts

I didn’t notice that WordPress used my tags to link to other blogs until now. I just went down the tag link rabbit hole (on Japanese Women) and found a handful of great posts:

omoshiroii like a motherfucker


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Sex, Lies and Japanese Women

I came across a funny blog post, “The Mind of a Japanese Person“, on JapanSoc the other day. It discusses Japanese people’s affinity for downplaying compliments, beating around the bush, being indirect and over-complimenting.  I laughed at the legitimacy of them all but then starting thinking about the the implications of the last one:

“I know if you’ve ever just met and talked to any Japanese person ever, they’ll in every case reply “wow! your japanese is great!” and if it’s a girl they’ll look at you with a shocked expression of pure amazement.”

Shit, I’ve heard that one more than enough times. Fresh off the plane, I even got compliments at the airport for saying domo arigato. But if they’ll blow your head up for something as non-trivial as an accent, what about when bigger, more ego-tripping performances in involved? Like sex?

sex, lies, and japanese women

sex, lies, and japanese women

I still remember my first time getting laid in Japan. Honestly, I was a bit nervous. I had no idea how I had managed to get her back to my place and was even more clueless as to how to initiate sex. But since it had been a while, my urges got the best of me and I just went for it. I soon learned that Japanese girls aren’t that different from Americans once you get them in private.

Anyway, yadda-yadda-yadda, we had sex. But she made some comments throughout the ordeal that I’m now starting to wonder about. Had this been an American chick, I would’ve immediately suspected a lie, but being that I was in Japan, it didn’t cross my mind. Did she bring the culture of over-complimenting to bed?

Possible Lie/Over-Compliment #1

  • The statement – “EehhHH?! Okii!” (big!)
  • Why I didn’t suspect it – I figured I still beat the stereotype.
  • Why I should have been doubtful – No woman has ever said that to me before. Ever. And even I think my dick is small.

Possible Lie/Over-Compliment #2

  • The statement – “That was great! You’re so good at it!” (or something to that effect)
  • Why I didn’t suspect it – What man doesn’t want to believe he just caused a seizure with his penis?
  • Why I should have been doubtful – Did I mention it had been a while since I had last had sex? It didn’t last longer than 3 or 4 minutes.

Possible Lie/Over-Compliment #3

  • The statement – “I came” (or something to that effect)
  • Why I didn’t suspect it – What man doesn’t want to believe he caused a woman to climax? Plus, all my research (Haruki Murakami novels) made it seem like Japanese girls easily hit the high note every time.
  • Why I should have been doubtful – See above. 3 to 4 minutes of sex + maybe 1 minute of foreplay != mind blowing orgasms.

Possible Lie/Over-Compliment #4

  • The statement – “I love you” (said both during and after sex)
  • Why I didn’t suspect it – I was about to come/I had just came and wasn’t really paying attention.
  • Why I should have been doubtful – In this case, I should have been scared the fuck out.


While I have yet to fully unravel the mystery that is the Japanese Woman, I feel that I can say with certainty that if 2 out of 4 of the above possible lies/over-compliments were true, she would’ve come back for more. Instead, she stopped returning my emails after a few days and I haven’t heard from her since. She either hates great sex or was lying/over-complimenting me. I’m going to assume it was the latter.

Though ultimately, it doesn’t matter. At least with her. Sometimes you want to believe those kind of lies/over-compliments and other times you’re just happy to be hearing them. It really depends on the woman and what she means to you. My ego can be shattered by a girlfriend or a wife, but for a one night (or 3 – 4  minute) stand, I’m just happy she’s there.

Have you ever been over-complimented?

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Priorities for Japanese Couples

This is fascinating: check out the latest statistics from What Japan Thinks.

Summary: The majority of Japanese men don’t care if their wives stop talking to them as long as they keep doing housework. And the majority of Japanese women don’t care if their husbands develop Alzheimer’s as long as he keeps bringing home a steady paycheck.

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Partying in Roppongi with only 1300 Yen

I occasionally leave the monotonous and slow paced sanctuary of rural Japan to escape into a therapeutic city on ADHD. I suspect it’s healthy, albeit ironic because city folk often head to the countryside for a little R&R while we ruralites do the opposite for the same reason.

Anyway, not too long ago, I met up with some friends in Tokyo and at some point, we opted to hit up Roppongi. It was my first time but I would’ve voted against it had I known then what I know now: at night, Roppongi is home to whores, overpacked clubs and overpriced drinks. Nearly every girl I met was an overt hoe trying to get me to buy “massagy” or an undercover one trying to get me to buy them a drink.

Roppongi at Night

Roppongi at Night

The drinks were fucking expensive! But I think that’s because of club business models. All of the places use the same “bottomless drink” one, i.e, there was no cover but you must always have a drink in your hand. They make their money by going with the the assumption (proven true) that people want to drink and people will drink fast. Party-goers may pay no cover but they still end up spending a mint on drinks.

That may fly for some but not a broke ass English Teacher from Rural Japan. And especially not when you have 24 hour convinis open down the block with the same drinks for a 4th of the price!

So I separated from my group and got 2 beers from the local Lawson. Time: 12:30AM. Cost: 500 Yen

Stumbling around, I heard what sounded like danceworthy hip hop to a man in my inebriated state coming from a downstairs club. So I thought to myself: “I’ll buy a drink, but I won’t drink it. Let’s see how long it lasts”. I walk to the curtain covering the entrance and ask the bouncer how much it costs.

Bouncer: “The cost of a drink”

The bouncer hands me a menu


Bouncer: “We’re not in America”

Me: “Hmmm, I guess not”

800 Yen for a Heineken!

800 Yen for a Heineken!

I figure 800 yen wouldn’t be too bad of a price to pay for “cover” since I didn’t plan to spend any more money there. Time: 12:45AM. Cost: 800 Yen

The place isn’t bad. It’s not too crowded, there are some women dancing and the music is good. I take a sip of my beer for good measure and immediately start talking (and dancing, soon after) with one of the ladies.

25 minutes goes by on the dance floor and I’m getting hot so I take a sip. Time: 1:05AM

I proceed to do the same thing for the next hour. 2:00 AM hits and I’ve only only downed half of my beer. I sit down only to be immediately approached by a waitress soliciting another beer. “How about you come back in a little while? I should be done with my beer by then and I’ll order another one afterwards.” She seems content with my answer and walks up.

2:30AM – I finally finish my beer and then hop on the dance floor for to avoid the waitress. They were surprisingly cordial, choosing not to interrupt while I was talking or dancing and so 20 minutes goes by before I finally take another break.

2:50AM – The waitress immediately comes back so I try to buy time. “It’s hot in here. Can you bring me some water and the drink menu?”. This works for about a minute.

2:51AM – I try chatting up the waitress who–unfortunately for me–speaks English. “What do you recommend?” “Is that an accent I hear. Where are you from?” “Brazil? No way, you have Russia written all over you!”

2:55AM – The waitress finally demands an order. I put my best indecisive look on and stair at the menu. Then I ask her to come back later while I decide what to drink and she complies. At this point, there aren’t too many people there so I figure they’re trying to cater nicely to each of those present.

3:00AM – The waitress comes back, with less of an appetite for small talk. So I try hitting on her. It buys me a little time but not only does she not buy it, she tries to use it against me. She says: “How about you buy me a drink so I can sit here and talk with you longer?” Me: “But I don’t want to buy you a drink. I have some drinks back at my place. How about you come back with me?”.  She just walks off.

3:10AM – The waitress returns. Now she’s turned to prostitution. I shit you not, she says: “I need you to buy a drink. Come on, you help me out and I’ll help you out.” Me: “What do you mean?” She puts her hand on my leg, smiles, says “You know exactly what I mean” and winks at me. I’m not going to lie: this threw me off track for a moment but I came back to my senses and said no again. She walks away, irritated.

3:12AM – I see the waitstaff talking and looking my way so I hop on the dance floor again.

3:15AM – A man walks up to me and informs me(in a rather aggressive tone) that I NEED to buy a drink. “I will. Soon. But I’m just trying to dance right now”. He walks away.

3:20AM – They’re talking and looking my way again. Literally every waitress, bartender and worker is. I act like I don’t see them and keep on dancing.

3:30AM – The music stops, the DJ–who is also apparently the owner–walks over to me and tells me to leave. The waitstaff are all looking at me. I suppose I should be doing a walk of shame for getting kicked out but I’m smiling and saying goodnight to everyone. I was happy because I had just spent nearly 3 hours in a Roppongi bar without spending more than 800 yen.

A yenny saved is a yenny earned

A yenny saved is a yenny earned

Total time in Roppongi: about 3 hours. Total amount spent: 1300 Yen

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