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Private Teacher/Student Meeting in an Isolated Location? Um..

I dunno what it is about gyms at my schools, but I think I once again caught something shady going down. A male gym teacher and a female student were supposedly talking during lunch in his gym office even though I usually see him meet with students in the teacher’s room.

I had wandered into the gym to take a quick nap but the student came out before I could lie down. Puzzled, I asked what she was doing there. Her response was that she was talking to the teacher. I thought it was odd but didn’t jump immediately to conclusions. It wasn’t until 30 seconds later, when the gym teacher came out and gave an “I’ve been caught” look that I started suspecting something.

So a female student and a male teacher were having a private meeting in a secluded location which deviates from the usual meeting spot and was also held at a time when most other students and teachers would be occupied. Hmmm…

This is speculation and completely unsubstantiated, but still, one can’t help but wonder.

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Sensei, do you think my girlfriend is cute?

A student asked me if I thought his girlfriend was cute. Relationships tend to be kept out of ear-reach or eye-shot of teachers so I felt pretty proud that they were comfortable dropping the silence with me.

But on the other hand, what could I say? He obviously wanted an affirmation on his girlfriend choice but before I even made a judgement I realized there was no good that could come of any answer.

If I said “no”, I would have just told him, his girlfriend (who was standing there, smiling, waiting to hear a “yes”) and all the other students in the vicinity that I essentially find her–the love of his life and one of my students–ugly.

If I said “yes”, then both he she would content, but theres no telling what warped version of my statement would’ve started circulating the Rural Japan Town News Network.

I was at an impasse; do I shatter his fragile ego or risk having rumors start?

I ended up doing neither. I responded using a bunch of S.A.T. words, laughed as if some joke was told and then changed the subject. They didn’t catch what I said and needless to say, he opted not to ask again.

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Don’t date your students!

Don’t date your students. Common sense, right? Hell no! Allow me to be the bad guy and say it: That’s easier said that done.

I don’t condone it and I’m not saying that I do. But if you’re a straight, 20-something year old male English teacher, I guarantee you’ll have some thoughts occasionally run through your mind.

It may be at a volleyball game or while walking around between classes. At some point, after a dry spell, you’ll realize that high school sannensei girl has already physically developed into a woman.

And that she’s really not that much younger than you.

And that she’s legal.

And that she’s your best student, not because she likes English, but because she likes you.

And that she’s currently giving you a look that screams “sex”…

Image borrowed from Neil Ducket

Don’t do it. I can’t give any explanation as to why not, but I assume it’ll come back to haunt you in the future. And at that point, it won’t matter if she showed up at your door late one night wearing an abbreviated version of her high school uniform sans-panties.

At that point, plain and simply, you’ll be fucked.

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