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On Japanese Teeth

Some Japanese women have some fucked up teeth (also known as yaeba).

teeth.jpg (512×768)

It’s a stereotype but one that’s big enough to have surveys about it. But this isn’t a rant about the teeth, it’s a rant about the consistency of them.

They’re always symmetric. No matter how jacked up one side is, the other side usually matches. There are some one-off cases of one-sided lopsidedness, but for those are as rare as a professional, Tokyo-living, perfect English-speaking, submissive, rich Japanese woman throwing everything away for a pimply faced, just outta college otaku.

Even when teeth are so crooked that they spell words, those words end up being palindromes.

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Very Racist, but also very Funny

Or at least I thought so.

We were talking about Full Metal Jacket and the line “I’m going to gouge out your eyes and skull fuck you” came up.

After that, we literally had a 30 minute conversation about whether you could do that in Japan because of their smaller, more-slanted eyes. We covered all aspects from dick size of the fucker to specific region of the fucked.

In the end, we concluded that it’d just be like banging a virgin.

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