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On Japanese Teeth

Some Japanese women have some fucked up teeth (also known as yaeba).

teeth.jpg (512×768)

It’s a stereotype but one that’s big enough to have surveys about it. But this isn’t a rant about the teeth, it’s a rant about the consistency of them.

They’re always symmetric. No matter how jacked up one side is, the other side usually matches. There are some one-off cases of one-sided lopsidedness, but for those are as rare as a professional, Tokyo-living, perfect English-speaking, submissive, rich Japanese woman throwing everything away for a pimply faced, just outta college otaku.

Even when teeth are so crooked that they spell words, those words end up being palindromes.


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Drunken Conversations with Older, Single Japanese Women are Never Boring

Drunken Conversations with older, single Japanese women are never boring. All you need is a little sake and they inevitably steer towards relationships, men and sex–or lackthereof.

A dildo there. An affair there. And sometimes, if you play your cards right, you may even get your penis touched.

I know younger girls are all the rage but if you take a detour into the land of jukujo, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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Japanese Elementary Schools redefine M.I.L.F.s

I go to school early, I stay late and I return for PTA meetings. Why? Because mothers of Japanese Elementary Schools students are fucking hot and the effort is well-rewarded (well, not as well as it could be).

Many of these women got married maybe 1 or 2 years after high school and started having kids not too long after that. This results in a large number of mothers having elementary school-aged kids before they turn 30.

I wouldn’t wish that situation on any of my friends but I’ve come to appreciate it here.

Each morning is like a fashion show. They come dressed-to-impress in decked out vans and wagons. Truth be told, I don’t understand why they go all-out just to drop their kids off at shogakko, but I like to believe it’s because they know I’m looking.

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Fucking Androgyny

Don’t you hate it when you see what you believe to be a potentially cute girl, start thinking of openers, start approaching and then realize it’s actually a guy?

This has happened to me more than a few times now. Fucking Japanese Androgyny

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Japanese People and their Lies

Here’s another translated survey from What Japan Thinks (I’m a big fan of this site). This time, it’s about the little white lies than Japanese men and women tell:

The Women:

Q: What white lies can’t you avoid telling guys you fancy? (Sample size=527, women)

Rank Score
1 My weight 100
2 How many guys I’ve been out with before 92.6
3 Whether I have a current boyfriend 45.7
4 How long I haven’t had a boyfriend for 44.4
5 How good (or bad) I am at cooking 35.8
6 How good I am at doing housework 30.9
7= Talking about a common hobby 28.4
7= How I spend my days off 28.4
9 Pretending that I bought myself stuff I actually received as a gift 27.2
10= How bad I am at getting up in the morning 23.5
10= How much savings I have 23.5
10= My age 23.5
13 What hobbies I’m really into 22.2
14 When I have to be home by at night 13.6
15 The kind of guy I fancy 12.3
16= How much I spend on my hobbies 8.6
16= My salary 8.6
18= How much I spend on clothes 7.4
18= What kind of work I do 7.4
18= My height 7.4

I love how women primarily lie to keep their current or future marriages in check. Regardless of age (teens to 60+ year olds),  Japanese Women seem the most concerned about maintaining a “good wife” image.

Men are also concerned with their image, but it doesn’t appear to be as big of a deal:

Rank Score
1 How many girls I’ve been out with before 100
2 How long I haven’t had a girlfriend for 76.6
3 Whether I have a current girlfriend 51.9
4 How I spend my days off 42.9
5 The kind of girl I fancy 40.3
6 Talking about a common hobby 39.0
7 What hobbies I’m really into 37.7
8= What fetishes I have about women 28.6
8= How much savings I have 28.6
8= My salary 28.6
11 My age 26.0
12 My weight 22.1
13 What kind of work I do 16.9
14= How bad I am at getting up in the morning 15.6
14= How much I spend on my hobbies 15.6
14= My height 15.6
17 How good I am at doing housework 11.7
18 Pretending that I bought myself stuff I actually received as a gift 9.1
19 How good (or bad) I am at cooking 7.8
20 How good I am at driving 6.5

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Just because I am dressed this way does not make me a whore

I am constantly surprised by the skanktity of women’s style here. Every time I think I’ve seen the worst of it, I come across an even younger girl wearing even sluttier clothing. Mom’s even try to live whorishly and vicariously through their scantily clad daughters.

Women and the ho-sential pieces of their wardrobe contributed to my initial culture shock in Japan. Some of what they wear here might even attract stares from regular strip club goers back in the states. But it’s cultural. They don’t necessarily view things the same way here. Scandalous dressing screams “attention whore” in both countries but in America it also just screams “whore”. In Japan, it’s just a style of dress.

Of course, if no one tells you this before you arrive, you may find yourself confused as hell. You treat them the way they dress but for some unknown reason they expect respect. What kind of non sequitur bullshit is this?

World renown sociologist Dave Chappelle referred to this phenomenon in an earlier thesis circa 1999. Here’s the excerpt from his speech:

*all pictures were borrowed from the blog of Singapore Girl in Berlin

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Some other great posts

I didn’t notice that WordPress used my tags to link to other blogs until now. I just went down the tag link rabbit hole (on Japanese Women) and found a handful of great posts:

omoshiroii like a motherfucker

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