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Anime Fan Boys

Just came across this awesome cartoon. So funny. So fucking funny.

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Just because I am dressed this way does not make me a whore

I am constantly surprised by the skanktity of women’s style here. Every time I think I’ve seen the worst of it, I come across an even younger girl wearing even sluttier clothing. Mom’s even try to live whorishly and vicariously through their scantily clad daughters.

Women and the ho-sential pieces of their wardrobe contributed to my initial culture shock in Japan. Some of what they wear here might even attract stares from regular strip club goers back in the states. But it’s cultural. They don’t necessarily view things the same way here. Scandalous dressing screams “attention whore” in both countries but in America it also just screams “whore”. In Japan, it’s just a style of dress.

Of course, if no one tells you this before you arrive, you may find yourself confused as hell. You treat them the way they dress but for some unknown reason they expect respect. What kind of non sequitur bullshit is this?

World renown sociologist Dave Chappelle referred to this phenomenon in an earlier thesis circa 1999. Here’s the excerpt from his speech:

*all pictures were borrowed from the blog of Singapore Girl in Berlin

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Oh Brother

Or maybe it’s more appropriate to say “Oh Sister”. There is a new fashion trend going on in Japan where guys wear skirts.

Tokyoite who forgot he has balls

Tokyoite who forgot he has balls

What kind of transvestite shit is this? Why are guys in Japan increasingly trying to become women?  They pluck their eyebrows, wear bobby pins in their hair and seem more interested in grabbing each other’s dicks than touching a woman’s breasts.

How did the effemination of Japan begin? Is this the real reason for Japan’s declining birth rate?

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