Don’t date your students!

Don’t date your students. Common sense, right? Hell no! Allow me to be the bad guy and say it: That’s easier said that done.

I don’t condone it and I’m not saying that I do. But if you’re a straight, 20-something year old male English teacher, I guarantee you’ll have some thoughts occasionally run through your mind.

It may be at a volleyball game or while walking around between classes. At some point, after a dry spell, you’ll realize that high school sannensei girl has already physically developed into a woman.

And that she’s really not that much younger than you.

And that she’s legal.

And that she’s your best student, not because she likes English, but because she likes you.

And that she’s currently giving you a look that screams “sex”…

Image borrowed from Neil Ducket

Don’t do it. I can’t give any explanation as to why not, but I assume it’ll come back to haunt you in the future. And at that point, it won’t matter if she showed up at your door late one night wearing an abbreviated version of her high school uniform sans-panties.

At that point, plain and simply, you’ll be fucked.


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  1. 2

    Sunni Bear said,

    Slide her on thu then… To quote a great scholar… “It art not be deemed pleasurable if thy associates cannot haaaaaaave none”

  2. 3

    I would comment but I’m still ogling that pic

  3. 4

    tony said,

    Don’t date your students is correct You could get burnt really badly. It’s nothing but trouble.

  4. 5

    girlmeetsnippon said,

    At the risk of sounding knee-jerk-reaction here, I wholly agree – although my wording of such advice would be more along the lines of “Why don’t you save your self-respect and keep it in your goddamn pants”. A man with any respect for himself wouldn’t go about doing his students on the pretext of ‘well it quacks like a duck’- doesn’t matter if they have “matured” (which according to your picture means grown a pair. I can assure you this biological event has NO direct correlation to actual mental or emotional maturity). And screwing your high school students, in my eyes, is the refuge of a pathetic man indeed. :/

    Of course, the whole thing applies to female teachers as well (just to take the edge of the sexism thar..).

  5. 6

    billydec said,

    You only live once. Do it. Do it.

  6. 7

    ruraljapan said,

    @Tony and BillyDec – do either of you have experience in this sort of predicament?

  7. 8

    ruraljapan said,

    @girlmeetsnipon – This has nothing to do with self-respect. As a teacher and adult, I should not take advantage of blah blah blah. We all know the rules and what’s right, wrong and respectable. I’m not denying that.

    But you, being a female, don’t realize how compelling an argument one’s dick can make. My dick went to Harvard Law and has somehow convinced me that not only is it okay, it’s also my duty as a visitor on a sex visa (disguised as a work visa).

    That said, I probably won’t but only because it’d jeopardize play for the rest of my stay.

  8. 9

    ruraljapan said,

    @Sunni Bear – She’s yours until she graduates. Please be gentle.

  9. 10

    Drake Don said,

    You creepy guys there teaching English in Japan for so little money and secretly obsessing about the women there without ever scoring are really really pathetic. Now you’re even blogging about your shortcomings! LoL =8-D

    Don’t you all realize that Japanese women of course know why you came to Japan? Don’t you realize that they also know who is a good looking westerner and who not?

    There is no such thing as “hot Japanese women like ugly western guys with a low salary”.

    Wake up you frigtards

  10. 14

    McAlpine said,

    Here’s the deal. Yes, I am guilty of doing the do with my students, and I’m here to tell you, it’s not worth it. For one, you have to wonder what other students she’s talking to behind your back. Rumors spread fast in “J” Land. You also have to worry about what happens if you break up, and what that entails. What if you want to F&$k another student??? What if she finds out you’re banging another girl, then what?

    Avoid students!!!

    The fastest and safest and nicest piece of ass I ever got in Japan was at a Mr. Donuts and on the first day! She was in college, and of course me, fat, old, and ugly according to international standards. It was all about timing. The nice part is that she was very attractive which came as a total surprise to me because I didn’t expect to find a nice looking girl, just anybody. Beggars can’t be choosers I wasn’t even being choosy until days later when I realized how beautiful and young she was! My idea of beauty: white skin, big legs, 173cm tall, clean and natural face, full hair, and perfect teeth.

  11. 15

    Declan said,

    I am a guy who was once a student. I’m now happily married to my teacher.

    But it certainly didn’t happen when I was in high school.

  12. 16

    freedomwv said,

    Well, I have thought about this a bit and I really think it is a risk; while it may be fun at the same time. It is just one of the lines that each person has to consider crossing for themselves. As the Japanese say, `case by case.`

  13. 17

    Jamaipanese said,

    very interesting post, even more interesting comments

    I think I’ll take you advice in the future

  14. 18

    Ryan said,

    Very interesting post. You just know this would bite you at some point in the future though..

  15. 19

    Peter Payne said,

    Man, I am pleading the fifth on this one.

  16. 20

    […] seen some recent blog posts on this topic that covered the prospective dangers from the teacher’s point of view. This isn’t even […]

  17. 21

    tkyosam said,

    Whatever, if it’s 2 consenting adults I say f*ck you and your principals, lol. Sure it might fuck up your business, but unless you REALLY love your job I say “f*ck it” and let your cock be your guide. I even have some friends whose wifes were their ex students. Nothing wrong with that^^

  18. 22

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