Are most Japanese Men ass guys?

The latest survey from What Japan Thinks is on secret fetishes of Japanese men:

Q: What’s your secret favourite fetish? (Sample Size = 495, male)

1 Skin between knee socks and skirt 100
2 Athletic thighs 89.5
3 Voice 75.4
4= Smell 70.2
4= Small breasts 70.2
6 Big bums 56.1
7 Lower lips 31.6
8 Small hands 28.1
9 Indent around collar bone 26.3
10 Upper lips 24.6
11 Firm upper arms 21.1
12= Blood vessels visible through white skin 19.3
12= White bits left after tanning 19.3
14 Droopy eyes 17.5
15 Earlobes 14.0
16= Broad shoulders 12.3
16= Wide forehead 12.3
18= Belly buttons 8.8
18= Excess hair 8.8
18= Single-folded eyelids 8.8


Check out the bolded 2nd, 4th (tie) and 6th fetishes.  All signs point to ass. Japanese men are ass guys.


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  1. 1

    JoeHere said,

    Here’s hoping the women get the message, a Japanese woman with ass is a rare (and wonderful) thing.

    • 2

      ruraljapan said,

      I’ll drink to that. Hopefully they stop trying to lose their waistal weight and instead maintain their curves.

    • 3

      Melissa 麻里依 said,

      i agree as a human being, its a little scary when you see someone with a negative ass. i mean that in the way that the ass is an innie, when it should be an outie. kowaii…

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