Let me drink in peace!

I’m currently sipping on some whiskey I just bought from the neighborhood liquor store. I’m becoming a regular there and the owner let me know that she noticed.

I walked in, greeted the 60 year old woman who runs  the place, picked up my poison and proceeded to check out.

With a smile, she commented on how I had just bought a bottle last week. Finish it already? Hell yes, I finished it already! At the end of a full day of  smiling, following seemingly arbitrary rules that none of the Japanese teachers or principals can explain, avoiding konchos and resisting temptation from high school girls, few things hit the spot better than alcohol. Well, nothing allowed (legalize it!) in this country, at least.

I drink daily here. That’s more (more frequently but not more quantity) than I in did college. But because I’m a sensei I’m supposed to be an angel? Fuck that. As a foreigner teaching English, I have some complications that can only be simplified through a vice. So let me drink in peace.  Besides, there are much worse things I could be doing to CTFD.

That said, I still have it much better than the Japanese teachers. I don’t know how they fulfill their teacherly duties while maintaining the moral high ground set on them from the community. I wouldn’t be surprised if teachers comprised a large percentage of Japan’s growing suicide rate.

Anyway, I need another drink.

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  1. 1

    Drake Don said,

    I think you should be turned in to the Japanese police. In fact I am sending some your best bits to your work place later.

    Drinking and phantasies of groping – I guess in Japan that’s enough to get you into a nice questioning.

  2. 2

    ruraljapan said,

    You must not live in Japan.

  3. 3

    Japanian said,

    Ha this reminds me of experience of teaching English in semi-rural Japan. The convenience store people certainly started to recognize me and the other teacher at the school. It was always fun when we would go back later that same night for more because we drank everything we had.

  4. 4

    ruraljapan said,

    Japanian – How did you deal with their judgemental eyes and off-hand insults? I personally don’t care but I want to make sure I have my ass covered just in case!

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