Holy Hell, I think the gym teachers at my school are having an affair!

While I can’t say this with 100% certainty, I’m pretty sure the gym teachers at my school are having an affair. I accidentally saw a glimpse of something while taking a siesta in the gym. I was trying to get a mid-day snooze in before being rudely awakened by the gym’s office door slamming. I peaked my head out from my makeshift bed/hiding spot to see what looked to be the male and female gym teachers kissing before walking out. Even if they weren’t swapping spit, they were still displaying an usually high amount of friendliness, much more than they usually do.

I wouldn’t have mentioned it if not for 2 things: 1, she’s hot (and I’m jealous) and 2, he’s married.

Adultery is on the rise in Japan and studies show that teachers tend to get it on with their fellow teachers. It was only a matter of time before the 2 trends converged and teachers started having affairs with each other. I need to figure out how to get in on this.

Anyway, the gym provides a perfect playground for promiscuous senseis. It’s located far from everything and the chances you’ll get caught are slim to none. Unless there is a class or reason to be in the gym, no one–except napping English Teachers–ever goes to the gym. And if someone were to show up, those 2 have reason to be there and could easily play it off.

This could turn out to be pretty interesting. I’m keeping an eye out for more evidence.

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    Sunni Bear said,

    “When Shukan Taishu surveyed 60 female teachers about when their sex lives were most active, the new school year and graduation seasons was given as second place. The time when they felt at their horniest was just after some sort of school ceremony. Third was during extended breaks, such as summer vacation, and fourth was while on official trips.”

    – Check out the link you provided in the post… Seems like their behavior mimics college chicks over here in America. The less busy these broads are, the hornier they get…

  2. 2

    ruraljapan said,

    After seeing those numbers, I immediately started asking what some of the better looking teachers would be doing over summer vacation

  3. 3

    […] Teachers, Students &#183 Tagged gym, Japanese Teachers, Students I dunno what it is about gyms at my schools, but I think I once again caught something shady going down. A male gym teacher and a […]

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